How can I brighten my eyes in photos?

I have dark blue eyes and I want to assert my eyes more in photos. I would give link if I could but you can look at my profile picture. This is how I want them to be. Can you tell which apps should I use?


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  • I hate all that fake stuff you can never tell a girls true beauty women do this all the time online they look like glass eyes

  • Adobe Photoshop is simply the best raster (pixel based images) editing software out there. You can apply a levels adjustment layer boosting the whites, and then mask out just the eyes, or you can use the dodge brush to bring them a big lighter, or you can set a new layer to overlay and paint with a whiteish color. Of course when i want to do REALLY vivid eyes, i mask out just her iris, apply a gradient in soft light mode and tweak the opacity to taste.

    There are many of ways to skin a cat, as the old industry saying goes, but thats a bit of a morbid metaphor :)


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