Need a good hairstyle.. Any suggestions?

I got set up with this girl and i want to look good.. I have really thick, straight hair and its too poofy if that makes sense that im always wearing baseball hats. I have a chubby face so what hairstyle do you think will look good on me? Thanks


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  • A Flat Top would be good

    • With my face you think that will be ok

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    • Thanks For The MH

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  • Get a short back and sides with side parting, get an Armani suit, a nice gray one and then rent a Ford Mutang GT and watch the pussay roll right on in.

  • lose weight dude, so you can support it

    • I need a hairstyle first. Im going to be seeing this girl..

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    • overweight is one step before obese... that's what i was talking about

    • I gotcha man.. Obese does sound awful. I've always said it sounds like beast

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