Giving not so cute guys a shot? was everyone attracted at first sight to their current boyfriend or girlfriend?

Ok I never can date ever b.c. my expectations are so high, how can I make myself give a guy a chance that I am not that much attracted to but then they have a really good personality and they are easy to talk to. does everyone meet their significant other and is attracted to them right away, or you date them for a while and than realize you want to go out with them? I don't know the cute ones are always wrong for me b.c. the way they act a little too pushy and just self absorbed. the ones I get along with I am not attracted to ah help


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  • i don't know how you meet your significant other. sorry.

    honestly, I am really disappointed for what I have done in the past. there are some really great catches I have let down, and for various reasons. they were all pretty good friends, and kind to me in stuff.

    in one scenario, two guys liked me. and they were best friends. I couldn't go out with one cause it would mess up the other.

    so I told one... that if he wanted to go out with me, he would have to ask out a guy and put it on youtube. hecka mean (me). and the other was too scared to do anything.

    i feel bad. they're actually good looking but at the time, I was too busy looking at some asshole I thought was pretty hot.


    im going to say, although we, as girls with high standards, may not chase after the right guy at times (many times) we will just have to learn from our mistakes!

    -Sending the love


    i have found that the guys who didn't meet my expectations in the past, have gotten much cuter and still have great personalities in the present. and more girls flock to them. but there are a few without as much luck in love still ^_^

    soo... stay friends with those guys you thought weren't as good looking because they will still be kind in the future and a lot sweeter than those hot assholes.

    hang on to those friendships! I hope I make sense!


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  • You've gotta just take some time and go out with a guy you get along with, give it a few dates and such see if you find yourself becoming more attracted to him.

    I've noticed girls give WAY too much credit to first impressions, like me, guys can be shy at first but it passes quickly, they may have something about them that you can't see at first that you'd really like, or on the flip side, really hate.

    Give some guys a chance, and that goes for all girls, you might be thanking yourself later.


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  • I have never truly fallen for a guy off the bat just on appearances alone. I fall for guys after I get to know them and then I develop a physical attraction to them even though friends might tell me he is not the best looking guy out there. I'm not sure how to explain it--when you get along great with a guy and you just "click," all of a sudden, their physical flaws become beautiful and you wouldn't want them any other way. Maybe they have an awkward or crooked smile or not a very toned body...but every flaw becomes completely endearing and even the best looking guy can't compare. It's a fuzzy, fuzzy feeling. It's so hard to find guys you truly click with, so if there is a guy you click with, you shouldn't just pass him by because he might not look how you want him to. You could be missing out on a great thing. When you truly fall in love, you will become more than attracted to him; at least, that's how it's worked out for me in the past.

    • Yea I guess. I don't know I click with allot of guys though but I am just not attracted to them. I don't know I am going to try and do that

  • I would say it's definitely a good idea to give the nice, friendly guys a chance even if you're not initially attracted to them. Like the other girls said, if you end up falling for his personality, you'll probably be able to love his appearance as well.

    The guy I'm with now, I wasn't really attracted to him at first, he was always strictly a friend to me; I could talk to him about anything and we got along so well. He had told me he liked me but I kindly told him I just wanted to be friends. Eventually he just made a move and kissed me, and since then I've been hooked haha. It was so sweet, and by now I've found that I really do like him, inside and out, because he's a great guy.

  • My ex, I fell head over heels in love with him, nearly a year after he met. He had a big nose, crooked teeth, and a funny looking face. Turns out he was an amazing kisser with a personality to die for.

    Looks only matter for a one night stand.

  • I think there has to be some level of attraction (you can't make it work if you're repulsed by someone), but looks can definitely grow on you.

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