If I got the tips of my hair colored red?

I asked earlier about what hair style I should get. Lots of girls suggested that I get the whole side swept bangs with layered hair thing done. I'm getting it done this weekend

I was wondering how it would look, If I got the tips of my hair colored red? I have olive to slightly brownish skin, does it matter?


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  • haha. I did the exact same thing once! haha. I loved it until it got messed up in the hottub.. :/

    but oh well. I say you do it. if you don't like it you can dye it back, or just get it cut even shorter. I saythat you don't go with the side swept bags and that whole shabang. it to average for my taste buds. if I were you I would try something that you have always wanted to do or something different than what you have, I think it will be sweet with the new dye job. you will feel rejuvinated I'm sure.

    • Have you heard of something called "The uneven Layered " cut? My hair was nearly butt length last year. I got it layered for my cousins wedding august of last year, but wasn't happy because it didn't look like there was a change. Then I started college and finally cut it to a length slightly lower than my shoulders.( After 5 LONG years). It's grown longer now. I'm starting 2nd year of college and I want something new. Don't know what to try though. Anything you think looks cool? I'll google as well.

    • Well maybe a really short hair cut like these :] just because your hair has been so long for a long time.




      i fell like you should go with something short and cute like these because if you dye it red like you wanted to, it would look really cool

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  • i thnk it would look GREAT!

    well not much a color person but don't get the really red color, get like a dark kind of red

    • Yeah.. I was thinking along the same lines.. :)

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  • check this article


    it says that for olive skin one of the good hair colors is red,

    just to see if it really suits you you need to try it out =)

    • Thanks :).. I changed my mind about the sideswept bangs thing.. Not really a fan of tossing my head every second to get hair out of my face.

      I have dark brown hair, almost looks black. I still don't know what to try though. Maybe I should just leave myself at the mercy of the hair stylist... What could go wrong right? I already had THE worst hair cut at the age of 7. Somehow what I wanted, got morphed into an army crew cut.. Lol.. :D.. Everyone thought my parents had 4 boys all of a sudden.

  • Depends on what your natural hair color is. If you have brownish/olive skin, I wouldn't do it.

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