What hair length is good?

I have long brown thick curly hair past my waist but I need to cut it bc I do cheerleading and I can't tumble with it in a ponytail or it will rip it out. So I have to have it a least to my belly button. Girls how should I cut it? Guys how long do u like a girls hair to be? Like I want to do something different but I don't know what. But I don't want my hair thinned. If u have any different ideas please list them below thanks:)
  • to ur belly button is fine
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  • right under your boob
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  • past your shoulders or on the top of ur boob
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  • A bob or other short cut
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's hard to transition from long to short hair; believe me I know. Cut it little by little so you don't absolutely hate it, and it short enough to your cheerleading. If you want to go shorter cut it maybe 3 inches if you don't like it, let it grow back out. Instead of cutting it all off and then you hating it short and it takes forever to grow.


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  • My favorite is approximately halfway down the back. A little longer is fine too.

  • I like mine right below my boobs. Its down to around my collar bone ATM cuz I had a pixie and I can't wait till I get about 16-18 inches... I prolly be 21 by then:(


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