Opinion on guys with too many freckles?

I have lots of freckles on my face, arms, neck, and shoulders. They have faded since childhood, but if I spend much time outside in the sun, my skin gets really noticeably freckly. My face is really covered in them: they extend over my forehead and even on my ears! On girls, freckles are really cute and I like freckled ladies, but on a guy they look really juvenile and embarrassing. What do you girls think of guys with tons of freckles? Do you think that is attractive? Also wondering how you freckly guys out there deal with it. By the way I'm not ginger, I have brown hair, which is an odd combination with freckles.


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  • the problems freckles cause through out school. face, chest, shoulders, arms, small ones on my calves. i use to get made fun of on a daily basis. you just get use to it. if they dont like your freckles then they can piss off lol. we are naturally fair skilled, so im assuming you dont tan. which is why we are noticeably more freckly after burning. it makes the faded freckles stand out more against the cherry red skin.