Is there a certain way you like girls to look?

I'm just curious if you have anything you like for girls to do with their hair or clothes or makeup. FYI I have like a little longer than shoulder length hair and it's blond if that even helps. If your advice is along the lines of slutty or something, please don't.


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  • I wouldn't necessarily say I have a certain way I like girls to look, they have such better sense of style so I leave that up to them haha

    What I do really like and draws my attention are sundresses, they're pretty.


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  • No makeup ever...
    It reminds me of a clown and it tastes awful.

  • The only thing that completely makes me dislike a girl is if she's overweight. I don't mean they have to be sticks and bones, but if you have cellulite ripple cottage cheese legs and some booty shorts, you're going to make me throw up. It's a biological reaction to throw up when you see something that looks like spoiled yogurt, so it's just rude that a girl would not care enough to fix that issue. She's basically saying she doesn't care if I am forced to look at those digusting thunder thighs, then she's obviously a bad person.


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