In the 2 weeks I've spent with her, I've come to really, really like her.

I've been best friends with this guy since we were around 10. He's half Indian, his mom being Indian and dad being white. His older brother is getting married in 2 weeks time. They have a close knit family on their mothers side back in India. They wanted to do all the traditional stuff as well, so his family from India was going to visit for a change.

I went to the airport with him 2 weeks ago, to pick his cousins up. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually pigeon holed his cousins even before I met them ( You know the whole weird accent thing, I thought half of them wouldn't even understand English)

So I'm lounging around, getting bored out of my mind, when 5 of the most gorgeous girls I've seen (They were 3 guys thrown in there, my brain just didn't register them till later :P) just walk up to him and hug him, they're talking in their native tongue ( Hindi I think), Then he get's around to introducing me to them.Would any one actually believe me If I said not one of them was shorter than 5'7? That family has some serious good genes :) ( Don't mean to sound shallow by any means)

I'm just staring at this one girl, she has the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen.I have no idea how to react. He introduces us and I don't say a word. She gives me a weird look and then walks away.

Turns out the girl I got all tongue tied around, is the cousin he's closest to, being closer to her age, (she's 19, name's Maya). So naturally he's showing her around the city ( Chicago). I drove her and a younger cousin around when he was busy a couple of times. Turns out she's a med student. She's smart as hell, has a great sense of humor. I was just surprised at how well I got along with her. She knows most most of the movie references or book references I make in our conversations. Oh and that weird accent? Totally over rated. She speaks perfect English. We flirted a bit, nothing heavy or too out there.

We took her to the movies last weekend. and now here is where the " It's a small world" situation starts.

There are 6 of us in our group of friends( 4 guys and 2 girls) My best friend and this other guy, Aarav, are of partly Indian Heritage.

Turns out Aarav was in India for four years before he moved back to graduate high school. He went to the same private school as Maya, and apparently they were real good friends. (What kind of ridiculously small world is this?!)

Now Aarav's hanging around her all the time, seems to know a lot about her and they keep doing that " Remember when.." thing (Someone gag me). I can't help feel jealous, because in the 2 weeks I've spent with her, I've come to really, really like her. I have know Idea where to go from here.


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  • aww that's pretty cute storyy...well you could either tell her that you like her and see if she feels the same way. or try and find out weather she likes this other guy aaravv.

    what is it like when you are all together?...does shee pay more attention to the other guy than you?...if soo it is most likely that she likes him more.

    don't get this the wrong way but, her being from a indian background she probably is most likely to go for the indian guyy get me.

    • He's not fully Indian though. He's half white. God could I sound more childish?

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  • I know this'll sound really weird, but just tell her you like her before the other guy scores on her dude!


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  • look here's the deal it could be either that she likes him or you it's hard to tell from what you described. The "Remember when.." thing, is them catching up because they haven't seen each other in awhile so their probably just reconnecting. But the easy way to tell if she likes him and find out if she likes you is by asking two simple questions. 1st-So Aarav seems like a nice guy, you seem close to him, do you like him?

    2nd question-if she says no to liking Aarav, then its simple.." Oo no OK. Well who do you like then?" If she does like you she'll give you a shy look and try to avoid the question if not then she'll name of guy she likes and there you go you have your answer.

    But anyway dude, just ask don't be shy about it man up and ask her straight up

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