Why do I always look fat?

I know i m not fat my measurements are 33 and a half-24-34 so how come whenever i wear a shirt it makes my waist look 2 inches bigger and how come my shirt never actually hugs my boobs it just goes over them and makes it seem like i have nothing. Any suggestions on how to change this and make my body look more appealing in clothes I spent 8 months on my body, i want to show it off! Any tips guys?


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  • When you go shopping, try the clothes before you buy them. If you don't like them on you, you just don't buy them. You've got a lovely hourglass figure and you need to show it off with dresses and shirts that are loose in the belly area and tight at the waist. Or wear loose clothes and put a belt on the waist. It will look fab on you.


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  • Find clothes that fit your shape and figure. Watch a style guru, or style show to get some tips on what may look right on your figure.


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