Why are people treating me like a freak just because have artistic skills?

so people always think I'm a bum because my skills are artistic I do music, music production and had some art work published in a top award wining literary journal at school.
I even had my music placed on big blogs and in a realty show.
people act I don't work but will get like 1 to 10k for every tv , movie placement I can get.

what's a real job really? I hate to loss my soul and sell out.

my parent that have gift so focus on my art intill bring a income and they will support it.

I have more creativity then most artist in the music production because all they do is what has been done before.

everyone had is like robot without free will , they just do job that tell what to do.


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  • They are just extremely jealous that you can support yourself through your skills and creativity rather than work as a mindless drone.

    No wonder they're envious, though. That sounds awesome.

    • only bad part about is you wait like 6 mouth for BMI to send a collection cheek for your music and sometimes the network , movie will pay up front some money

  • oh look at you being judgmental


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