LADIES!! How do I pick out the right bronzer? Can you give me specifics?

I have fair skin if that helps. What do you recommend?


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  • The general rule is to choose a bronzer one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.
    In choosing the right color for your skin tone, you need to consider not just the color of your skin but also your eyes.
    Women with fair skin should use a sheer, slightly rose- or peach-colored bronze.

    • my eyes are dark brown, what would that mean?

    • i think peach-colored is the safest choice :D

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  • I like the Matte look to make faces thinner but the shimmery ones are quite nice to replace blush and give a glow but I would buy both and use the matte in winter and shimmery in summer :)

  • I have fair skin too and just use a bronzer thats darker than my skin. But dont use much, just a bit.


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