Guys, what is the difference between these when describing a girl?

What is the difference between cute, hot, pretty, and beautiful? I know they are all compliments, but I want to know what you usually mean by each one. My boyfriend usually interchanges them, but I tell him I prefer beautiful to the other ones. Does beautiful/hot mean more than cute/pretty? If so, what specifically makes a girl beautiful...use details like facial features, etc. Just curious!


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  • i usually describe a girl who is petite, I guess, small with a doll-like face, I am attracted to cute girls, who I would describe with facial features as a nice small face, with eyes that bend into like a half moon when she smiles, just cute.

    now hot, be more like celebrity look a like kind of face, kinda like a foxy look, sexy lips.

    I would say the word "beautiful" if the girl were either in make-up or she just looked so good that there isn't any other word than beautiful to describe her.

    i would tell a girl she is cute if she were in pj's, maybe a short dress, plain dressed.

    i would tell a girl she is hot/beautiful is she were wearing like a dress for special occasions or some tight jeans/booty shorts with nice tank tops/tight shirt, or a bikini

    hope this answers a bit of your question. :D


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