The perfect style for a woman is tomboy with a girly edge, but, what would this be?

That's what I feel would be the best fashion style for a woman. Tomboy but with a girly edge. What do you think that would like though? I don't know, that's why I'm asking you


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  • Tomboy: leather jacket, combat boots, muscle tee, ripped jeans, etc

    Girly: dresses, makeup, jewelry, hair bands, pink stuff, etc

    Put any of those together and you get a tomboy with a girly edge. Oh and I guess the skater girl style would also count

    • So does this apply to only women of western cultures

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    • I thought they weren't "allowed" to

    • In the Middle East regions with more conservative cultures, it's true they are not "allowed" to. But some of the more modern ones still do anyway. Plus countries like china, South Korea, Thailand, and singapore aren't that conservative at all

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