How would you guys like me to dress if we met?

Hi guys, I'm 42 slim attractive size 8-10. How would you like me to dress if we met?


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  • Going by some of what bits I have read... you sound like a dream.


    at home.-.. cut down denim shorts... boy pants..
    Past knee high socks... vest top... oversized blouse type top or one of my shirts.
    casual, like park etc skinny jeans... tight novelty t-shirt... converse style shoes..

    dinner - little black dress... lacey underwear... high heels... smelling of jo malone perfume.

    How would you want me?

    43...6ft2'' , med build, salt and pepper short hair.


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  • 36 to 45, ok, let's see...
    Well for you i guess something more serious, you're not a little girl anymore, so you need to project maturity.

    These are nice since autumn is coming... now to find a top that matches, hold on...
    This top ( but black and preferably with a less "generous" crop, you don't want to reveal TOO much :D )

    Now, shoes are simple
    of course, make sure to pick a matching color.
    And since it is autumn and it gets colder, you can wear


    matching colors for all of course.
    How's that?

  • Very casual. Jeans or shorts. Simple shirt. Little to no makeup. No jewelery or watch. Bonus points for bare feet.

    Or Alternatively

    Go goth, but only if it works for you - and you still get bonus points for bare feet.

  • dress any way you'd like that pleases yourself before pleasing me. but if you absolutely want my preference, anything casual to semi casual works.

  • depends... if we met as in first date or literally just met u?
    im gonna go with first date... u can never go wrong with a little black dress/cocktail dress and pair of heels.
    no matter what the age every girl looks great and its simple.

  • A dress is nice.


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