What should I wear to Europe?

I think it's gonna be like 12 deg C or so in Italy and France this November. Will jeggings be enough for the weather? (Jeans+ leggings= jeggings) I'm from singapore which is a really warm tropical island which is summer all year round so i have no idea what to expect. My air conditioner only goes down to 16 deg and to me that's already freezing. As for shoes, I have a pair of UGGs from Australia, should I wear them?


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  • Haha you have no idea how cold Europe is in Winter. Forget the jeggings if you want to stay warm. Generally the North of Italy and France is cold in winter, It can be from 6 deg Celsius down to subzero, and the closer you go to south the warmer; but it still is cold.
    You can wear jeggings if you're inside a building because they turn on the radiator anyway which is hot.


What Girls Said 1

  • jeggins are fine if you want to freeze... Europe in November is really cold... Get coats, jackets, tank tops that will keep you warm. I live in Greece and it's already cold in here even though it's sunny...(and Greece is supposed to be a place warmer than France and Italy). I hope you'll have some great time. And you'd better not forget your UGGs :)


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