To Girls: When do you wear leggins vs when do you wear Stockings and what's the difference and what do you do if Stockings tears?

I'm puzzled . what's the difference in wanting to wear leggins vs wanting to wear stockings. When do girls wear which?

aren't they like the same?

and also i've seen and heard about how easy it is for stockings to tear. What happens if it happsn in the street, and your stockings get caught in some pin or something in a store or somewhere and it tears it. Wouldn't that be embarrasing?


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  • ahahaahha I love this question. Just the way you asked it :P Leggings are completely opaque. You can't see through them and they are usually made out of a thicker fabric. They also cut off at the ankle. Stockings much thinner and they are like socks and pants attached so they don't cut off at the foot. Stockings usually made of nylon and you can see your skin through them so you have to wear them with a skirt etc... They do tear easily but its not like EMBARRASSING or anything. If they tear really badly you can often just take them off if you can wear your shoes without socks. Its not big deal lol.

    These are leggings:
    And these are stockings:


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  • Leggings are normally made of a much thicker material and are footless, stockings are normally a fine denier nylon and the tops should sit on the upper thigh.

    If I laddered a stocking, there's not a lot I could do, same as if I laddered a pair of tights, wait till I got home, buy a new pair, or go bare legged.

  • Stockings:

    -see through
    -gotta wear a sirt/dress over it
    -I wear them for guys XD


    -meant to not be see-through, altho this sometimes fails
    -you can just wear them witha tank top
    -they dont have the socks part
    -they are super comfy, unlike friggin stockings

  • i wear leggins if i can't be bothered to wear a skirt or a dress n i wear stockings/tights when i wear a skirt at school/college

  • You have to wear something over stockings with leggings you dont and no its not embarrassing


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