Womens who wear corsets?

I've seen online lately in my area women have been selling corsets. i guess its just making me wonder because i didn't really know that girls wore corsets... i mean like besides Halloween costumes or lingerie purposes i can understand... but these are used and seems like they used them for everyday type wear. just not sure how youd wear them in everyday life i guess without it looking like your wearing lingerie out.

ill admit it is hot but just wondering if there's any girls on here that wear corsets i guess and shed some light on this for me. is this new fashion? and maybe a pic for example of howd u wear them? are there certain acceptable ways to wear them out?

example of the ones I've seen for sale


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  • Some girla I know wear them - gothically inclined (willing to sacrifice comfort for a fashion statement every day, which unfortunately, isn't me o. O)...

  • That is not a corset, that is decoration. It's fashion I guess, though honestly it always look like underwear. A real corset is unhealthy to wear often. It squishes your organs and bones together. That's a trend that should never come back

  • Very nice. I also wear them from time to time. I just love retro/vintage lingerie and fashions anyway.

  • A real corset is used for waist training to make their waiste thinner for an hour glass figure. Yes woken wear it, or a lesser variation of it that just hid belly fat. The one in your link is a costume and would break easily, because of how cheap it is. Real steel bone corsets can set you back more that $100. It can be worn under clothing or over. You don't have to be gothic to wear them -.- they are really comfortable once you do wear them. They help with posture and back pain the most.


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