A question about my hair; black or brown?

so in a few days I'm having my friend cut my hair, well just my bangs mostly. anywho, I'm going for the betty page look. I naturally have dark brown hair, but for this style the darker the hair the better it looks. at least in my opinion. so my question to you is, should I dye my hair black or just a darker shade of brown? I feel like the black would look to unnatural on me. but if you could give me your input, that would be lovely :]]


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  • I have just recently dyed my hair black, OMG, what a mistake!

    Everyone says it doesn't look bad with my skin tone which is true but I didn't really think about the long term effects, I now can't dye over it and I'm going to have to pay for it to be stripped which will completely ruin my hair :(

    So, unless you really really want black, my advice is don't do it!

    I think dark brown is lovely and would go very nicely with the style you have described :)

    • Ohh, I'm sorry, that's a bummer. thanks for warning me though :] I plan on the dark brown now, thanks to everyones help:]

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  • I'd go with a darker brown, just because it would look more natural since highlights could be added... no one actually naturally has jet black hair, there's always some tint.

  • It really depends on your skin tone. In my opinion I really think black ends up looking too harsh and unnatural on most people (sometimes it ends up looking like you are wearing a wig). Since you have naturally dark brown hair you could just try going a couple shades darker. If you google pictures of Zooey Deschanel that would be the kind of color I'm thinking of that would look great on most skin tones and would definitely give you that Bette Paige vibe.

    • Thanks for your advice, I know exactly how you feel on the black thing, it just looks too fake. and that's why I was going for the dark brown idea. hah. and zooey's color is what I was looking for. thanks for the help! now I know what I want :]

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