How can you hide that you have hair extensions?

I know honesty is the best policy but I don't need that answer.

I have virtually the same hair type and can color the extensions.

They are like 3 inches longer than my hair.

I can hide them from school friends. But how can I hide them from close friends? I don't want to tell the close friends they have HUGE mouths.

Dude don't tell me to not lie. I know this is wrong but I have a reason.

Where do the bonds show?

Thank you<33

The people in my school judge:/ I shouldn't care but I do.


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  • why would you even need to hide them in first place, if your extensions are only to make your hair appear longer? you did say its virtually the same hair type.

    • People in my school are really judgemental and it would hard for me. And yes we all do know that we care what people think. I also need them just for my hair to be easier to do in the morning and that's it I don't care about length.

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