Wtf is wrong with "fashion" ?

So I was on snap chat looking at some of the fashion week shit and I'm looking at it and all I could think is I'm pretty sure the models don't even want to be wearing that like What the actual fuck... So please explain to me what fashion week is for and why fashion looks fucking rediculous?


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  • The thing with a lot of fashion is that it is that what you see on runways and the like are not 'rack ready'. It's not fashion that they are going to turn around and put into your local department store. It will be about showing what colours they will be featuring in their collections this year, what materials, what combinations. Things like the angled cut on the bottom of a skirt may show up on other items, or the way the stitching is visible in a different colour.

    It looks ridiculous because it is extreme examples. It is basically 'this is what are upcoming fashion would look like if we left it in a petri dish for a year with some growth hormones and a bottle of tequila.'

    Think about it as the fashion equivalent of a concept car. It has bits and pieces that they are intending to use, but the package as a whole is just for show.


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  • it's artistic expression. runway pieces are meant to inspire.

  • Let me explain something, there's fashion and then there's style. Fashion is fleeting, momentary. But style is forever
    Also fashion honestly isn't always about looking great or "wearable" it's about creativity. Pushing boundaries trying new things.
    And anyways the models jog isn't to want to wear something. It's to be a living breathing walking hanger. The hanger doesn't talk, or smile, or strut. It displays the clothing for all to see

  • It's arrogance in place of curves.


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