Guys -do you find women that wear red lips and smokey eyes unattractive and classified as 'too much makeup'?

If the woman has majority classically beautiful features such as high cheekbones, a pout and almond eyes - yet wears the red lips and very smokey eyes (at night) - would you find her less attractive as she isn't flying the 'natural' flag? Detailed answers would be appreciated!


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  • It depends on the occasion. If you aren't in the club, or at a place where it is appropriate then not necessarily less attractive but it does distract from your beauty.. I personally like seeing a girl looking her best, but most the time I wanna see her as she is. I guess it can be more intimate, natural, and comfortable to see her that way to me.. thats the most I can say unfortunately.


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  • Hey, wassup? My name is Trent, and I'm new here.

    In my opinion, I am a big fan of girls and women who don't have makeup because I think they look so much cuter without it, especially if they have "high cheekbones". There are definitely some guys out there who would prefer makeup, and there are some who don't. I personally think women should do whatever they please when it comes to makeup. If they wanna wear it out to a resteraunt, I'm cool with that. If they wanna wear it out to a club, I'm cool with that too. If they choose not to wear makeup at all, that's fine with me as well.

    Bottom line, I think it's the choices of both the guy and the girl.
    If the guy chooses to love you for who you are, then that's amazing! If not, then you don't deserve him. It is also your choice whether to wear makeup or not.

    But to answer your question in my honest opinion, despite me liking women without makeup, I'm OK with women wearing red lipstick and smokey eyes. You can even put on a little blush if you want.

    Again, it's your choice. I know I said it's both of your choices before, but I frankly think that decision is up to you.


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  • Guys can't wait to hear your answers. Girls know this one. Well I at least hope they do about this combination

    • Ha ha, thanks for your enthusiasm/appreciation!

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