Girls do help me out plz. I wanna look amazing so that I could win a prize?

Girls my gf birthday is on this coming Monday
. and the theme of party is cross-dressing. so v boys are supposed to become girls and as v all r couples the girls will become boys. so if v succeeded in proposing our gf. v will be awarded some reward which is not disclosed yet.
I wanna look very sexy but I m a tall , muscular man.
So which outfits should I wear. I m very excited
Reply soon. any comments will prove helpful.
If possible suggest me ur dressing style


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  • My dressing style : skinny jeans, nice shirts , black leather jacket and sneakers or high heels... I also love clutches. I keep it simple and elegant. Could you try it? :)

  • dress like Sailor moon :)
    but you will not look sexy in any female clothing.
    at least a costume is interesting.

    • I don't know about that style can you be please more specific. I m thinking of wearing sexy black top, red mini skirt, black stockings and white heels to contrast with my black stockings. what say

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