Is it weird to wear casual clothes to a casual restaurant?

So me and some friends went out for a meal in a casual resaurant. I wore jeans and at shirt but I was freezing so I wore my parka coat my mate wore a girly outfit and my other mate just wore a jumper with leggings anyway they guy was really laying his chat up lines into my friends and he randomly come out with I'm the gangster out of the group I felt so offended but I never said anything and I felt that him and all the other male waiters in the restaurant where talking about me because I caught the. A few times looking at me but Is it weird to wear a coat to a casual restaurant


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  • It's a little unusualy to see someone wearing a coat inside the restraunt... but the staff should have been checking if you were in a draft, and considering if the heating should be on, not tittering about it like a bunch of morons.


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  • It's weird to wear a parka INSIDE any room... You usually take off your coat when you enter a room.

    • Unless it truly is freezing inside

    • I was I. The waiting lounge and it's open front so It was rather cold

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  • Most people take off their coats when they get inside, but for all they know you could have still been cold inside.


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