I have an early upgrade from Verizon, but I do not know what kind of phone to get. I want something that is a smartphone, but nothing too fancy. Something on the smaller side and a phone that is just simple to use and not to complex to figure out. I have a Samsung Spectrum 2, which is 5.31 x 2.69 x 0.36 inches (134.8 x 68.3 x 9.2 mm) and it is still too big for my pockets. I need something that is going to fit decently in my pockets because I climb stairs everyday and I do not want my new phone to fall out, which happened with the LG because the phone is so large.

Pros and Cons of both, in your opinion!


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  • I think Iphone is more of females phone i bought one too it's too small and trashy i sent it back
    and went back with the Android


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  • I have a Samsung s4 which is pretty big already but I have heard that the Samsung S5 is even bigger. I am going to get an Iphone next time because all of my friends have it and we can all Imessage, plus with that you get the updates so your phone will be up to date.


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