GUYS: Do you have to be attracted to a girl to let her do this..?

ok say your a pretty shy guy and you've never kissed a girl and your a virgin and all that and 17. You go to your friends how to drink with two of your other guy friends. Yall invite a girl over to drink with y'all. She isn't the whorish type and she is also a virgin. So its just 3 guys and a girl. The shy guy and the girl flirt a lot of the night and then she ends up giving him head. He wants to go all the way but she doesn't give in. Then you all go back to school on monday when this happens on saturday and the guy and the girl don't speak..does that mean he wasn't attracted to her or what?

why would the guy avoid the girl?

hope all this makes since.

ha but me and him were pretty good friends and people always tried to hook us up but were both shy soooo ha
and seriously I am not the whorish type..haha


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  • "Hey I remember you, you gave me head!"

    Whats he supposed to say? He is shy so he probably doesn't want to see you embarrassed because he probably remembers you best on your knees...

    Maybe he was drunk and didn't remember exactly what you looked like.

    In any case, talk with him about it and see if he wants whatever you want, be that a relationship or to finish that Saturday night...

    *NOTE* I am a shy guy, never kissed a girl, and 18. I PROBABLY WOULD be attracted to a girl who gave me head.


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  • I think the guy would be awkward around the girl because he isn't sure how to act towards her after something like that. Also if the guy is looking for a good girl and that girl gave him head without him even being her boyfriend, thatd probably turn him away from her.

  • "She isn;'t the whorish type "

    And yet...

    "she ends up giving him head."

    I can't be the only person who laughed at that.

  • maybe he's shy that he was a little guy?


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