Should I lease or finance a car?

well i want a camaro and i dont want to finance one and then after 4 or 5 years waste all that money on it because i know ill want a newer vehicle, im currently 22 years old i live with my mom and only pay her 200 dollars a month for rent and all i have is a cell phone bill and 30 dollar student loan a month. everyone says financing is more worth it because you get to put as many miles on it as possible. Is leasing for a young person with a fast lifestyle?


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  • Lease one from the dealership if you want to , but BEFORE you do ask them to give you a side by side comparison.
    Before you walk in go ask for a quote from your bank if you take a loan from them how much would it be. (assuming you can't pay it outta the pocket)

    Then walk into the dealership , ask them how much would it be if you lease it from them , get a total sum of it , not a month by month bullshit , a "so in the end how much is coming out of my pocket?" sum.

    Then do your math and make a choice.

    Personally I'm against any sort of loans or leasing for anything that's not ABSOLUTELY necessary. A car is among the list of things that in a tough spot you can do without.

    You don't want to be financially tied down that early when you have nothing to fall back on.

    • well i currently have a car and i am working but i want a newer car and i dont wish to save up 20,000 - 30000 dollars before i get a new car, that could take awhile

    • well!
      If you take a lease and you loose your job , touch wood. Your lease car is going bye bye , it doesn't matter how much did you pay during the lease period.

      But the same risk for the finance option as well , if you can't pay the monthly , the repo man is gonna get your car.

      So both of them... equally risky.

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  • Lease one if you don't have a lot of money. If you have a lot of money you can buy a car and it will be cheaper by the time you sell it again.


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