Girls, ideas for dressing up all out like a girl?

So im 19 year old male, and i want to try on some ladies clothes. My friend girl (we aren't bf gf) is going to help me with some stuff like makeup or whatever, but i need ideas for clothes to wear. I want to go all out, and over the top girly. I need some really girly clothes i can try, and accessories. I plan on having a full makeover, so i also need to know what to do. Please be as detailed as possible, and for clothes and accessories, the girlier the better. Links to outfits are greatly appreciated as well. Thanks so much!


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  • Your favorite color? Do you prefer long dresses or short dresses? High heel or low heel ( or no heel )? Curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair? Smoky eye shadow or regular neutral eye shadow? Be specific to what you like so that I can put together an outfit for you with links! Thanks!

    • My favorite color is blue. Short dresses :). High Heels, girlier the better. Smokey eye shadow is awesome:). Basically the girlier and sexier u can make it the better ;). Oh and LOTS of accessories :). Thanks :D

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    • You're very welcome ;D Have tons of fun! And if you're gonna fake boobs to go all out looking like a girl please make them look real! ^^ lol

    • Okay i will. Fake boobs, thats gonna be fun!

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  • I appreciate it man, try their clothes once then you will come to understand the clothes about females and get them a nice shopping gift.


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  • Don't forget lingerie! Panties, stockings, guarder belts, and sexy lacy well fitting bras always make me feel amazing at will definitely contribute to the over all feel, although don't ware anything uncomfortable, you look your best when you are relatively comfortable.

    • Omg awesome ideas :D. Thanks :). But, uhh what's a guarder belt? Dont think I've ever heard of that before...

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    • I only have one but when I dress up for pic to send my bf I feel best when I have it on , its fun to wear and felling the stocking being pulled by the straps is just a really exciting feeling

    • Ohh that sounds sexy :D. Thanks :). Im also looking for a really girly Halloween costume? Was wondering if maybe u have some ideas? I have some already, but id love more :). Especially if u could give me some ideas as to where to buy them as well

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