Girls, please I need ideas for dressing up all out like a girl?

im 19 year old male, and i want to try on some ladies clothes. My friend girl (we aren't bf gf) is going to help me with some stuff like makeup or whatever, but i need ideas for clothes to wear. I want to go all out, and over the top girly. I need some really girly clothes i can try, and accessories. I plan on having a full makeover, so i also need to know what to do. Please be as detailed as possible, and for clothes and accessories, the girlier the better. Links to outfits are greatly appreciated as well. Thanks so much!


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  • Buy a cute dress wear some high heels well if you know how to walk on them. Maybe a cute plain skater skirt and a cute tshirt with some converse. I don't know I'm not really much of a girly girl

    • Ooo dress and high heels sound sexy :D. I dont know if u will know this, but like what type of heels? i know there are different kinds, but i really have no idea the difference. Plus u may not be able to answer this either, but any accessories suggestions?

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    • Sorry I don't know how to put pictures up but look online cute dress with heels tumblr and a lot of cute girly outfits will show up. I'm very happy to help (-:

    • Thanks again so much!

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  • A dress/skirt and shirt and heals. maybe a comfy grey/light colored dress with nude or light pink colored shoes. I like to wear a black dress with nude/coral heals or grey with coral. What's the weather going to be like? If it's nice get a shorter dress and wear wedges if it's winter than the classic closed toe heal works maybe some fall boots with a form fitting dress...

  • You want too much girly? A pink dress with ruffles would work. Try it with nude peep toe high heels and a clutch. Accessorize in gold.

  • why are going go do it?


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