Any tailors or fashion designers here?

Hey got a wedding at the end of the year to attend. Any fashion designers or tailors can recommend a good RTW brand for suiting? My budget is probably anything under $1.5k. I don't mind buying online either as I know my own measurements and know a little about tailoring myself.

It's gonna be a pretty casual wedding, but of course a suit is still required.

Outfit wise, I'm thinking of going a navy 3 roll 2 suit. Light blue shirt, dark brown knit tie (or is this too casual?) and black shoes. Let me know what you think?


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  • Well there are two options

    1. You best branded dark blue jean (these need to be top to the knotch because its a freaking wedding your going to and not a mates birthday) long sleeve shirt, maybe light blue as you mentioned, skinny black tie, black belt, black dress shoes and a nice tailored suit jacket (also has to be top knotch)


    2. All black suit, light blue shirt, skinny black tie, black belt, black dress shoes, and a black vest (that goes underneath your suit jacket)

    • Thanks. It's gonna get pretty cold though, probably 0-5 degree Celsius outside. Though air conditioned once inside, any suggestions?

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    • Yeah I've got some dark brown leather gloves so I guess I could wear that. I think I have a black overcoat that I could wear...

    • Sounds good!

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  • I own many brands but my favorite is Hart Schaffner and Marx

    Get the Gold Trumpeter or ask for the best options. You will see difference when u ask. Materials and fit are crucial here for long lasting suit. Some of mine are 20yrs old and look brand new and in style because I picked timeless looks.

    NEVER wear brown with navy it is a cardinal sin corporate America (business guys will go nuts, they don't care what u saw in magazine). Rather wear oxblood or cordovan shoes with a matching belt preferably with gold buckle. I have a reversible one here for suits.

    Go with navy or navy and light blue pinstripe. Match light blue shirt to pinstripe and then get a tie that pops color. Think red, yellow, orange with compliments of navy or light blue to tie it together (brooks brothers or jos a banks are good stores for top tier ties). For the cold out door weather. Think about v neck sleeveless sweater vest or what I would do is get out my suit overcoat. Many good options at affordable prices. I like all black here for overcoat (some go camel hair -gets dirty, some gray herringbone-not my thing) a nice scarf and gloves.

    Since it is end of year I would stay to darker colors for cold weather. Classy dress up look is a safe and conservative but keep it age appropriate look. Don't forget to get hair cut nicely, polish shoes, good cologne, and you will rock that wedding.

    Ps former suit salesman... Many other looks (gray etc...) but that was your gut so go with it!

    • Thanks for your response, there's few things I don't understand though.

      "NEVER wear brown with navy it is a cardinal sin corporate America (business guys will go nuts, they don't care what u saw in magazine)"

      You mean never wear brown shoes with a navy suit? And what do you mean business guys go nuts? I'm not in America or a business man.

    • Yeah never wear brown shoes or a brown belt with navy suit. I can remember a boss looking at me saying... Don't wear that again. It clashes... Sorry but stuff hasn't gotten here. Well, go buy some shoes then
      I've had this conversation many times over. Can't speak to your culture just explaining mine. Good luck at wedding!

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  • Brand doesn't matter if the dress doesn't suit you. Pick one that fits you and feels good to wear.

    Seeing as it's going to be cold (as you predict) i'd recomend thin wool stockings (no, i'm not crazy, just trust me, it's not hard to hide in a suit) and a thin wool sweater (kinda like this: ). Just make sure the sweater's using a low cut in the neck. Just roll up the arms about 20cm. If you have any idea on how to war a suit, nobody will even know. Are you worried about people seeing it on your legs? Cut the stockings about 10cm above the ancles, and wear regular socks Nobody will suspect a thing. Also if you're among the people who freeze on the legs quickly, you could put an extra sole in the shoes.
    (just a trick from norway; the top of the world)

    If you need a nobrainer, go with the "traditional" British cut. It's not as casual as the american, yet doesn't need the custom tailoring of the italian one. It fits good for all kinds of events (Asuming the color is apropriate). Your idea to use the navy 3 roll 2 sounds proper enough (thanks google. And i'm asuming you're going to get it dark blue right?), and asuming my toughts on the color is right it'd fit nicely with a lught blue shirt. I'm not too sure about using a brown tie. It can be a tricky color to work with. And do remember that a rather plain suit can be really freshed up if you're a little daring with the tie. Chose something a little colorfull, yet on the same time stylish. Go to a place that know their suits, and have them help you with the tie. Really, the right tie can do A LOT! Black shoes are obligatory XD

  • Congratulation dude , may be gothic-style tuxedo? in my opinion it's very cool..

  • See my pic. Black and blue combination will suit u too

  • Birthday Suit. Rock that wedding bro.

    • @doireallyneedone yeah and get the bitching bride to ditch the whole virginal purity wedding gown thing while you're at it. half the congregation probably fucked her themselves.

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