Can you wear Under Armor as casual wear?

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of Under Armor , in case you don't , it's a sort of compression clothing that drives sweat out to the outermost layer of the fabric so you won't be Sweaty-McGee when you're doing something physical.
On a side note , it also happens to be what Tony Stark wears.

Now I'm just wondering... would it be a bit trashy if we wore it out of the gym or when we are just going to the shop for some milk?

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  • Some of my guy friends in college did it all the time. Athletes do it a lot.

    • So... is it cool or is it a bit over the top like leggings on a guy?

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    • Sweet , gonna go buy myself one.
      MHO selected

    • Nice

      & thanks!

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  • I honestly see a lot of people wearing it like the underarmor hoodies and sweat pants im quite sure, I say do what you are comfortable in. There are even underarmor backpacks and they look frickin sweet I say go for it

  • I would say it's just a shirt. It's not a big deal.

    • But they WRAP around your physique so nicely tho.

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    • Don't people think shirts that fit or as they say "too tight" is "ghey"?

    • I don't pay attention to that kind of nonsense

  • I do it all the time now the question being is it trashy or trendy I'm not too sure but I wear it because its comfy as hell really all that matters


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