What do guys look for in girls?

Basically what do they find like, datable or attractive in girls?


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  • Don't worry about what guys like. Every guy has different preferences and there'll be one out there that will like you for who. Don't change yourself for a guy and above all be yourself.


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  • Sarsah is right, or that's what I would say, Different guys have different preferences when it comes to women. Find what you makes you feel comfortable and stick with it and a guy will give you notice.


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  • Confidence.

    There's really no "10/10" look that you can just HAVE automatically.

    You need to learn how to love yourself, for you. There's no other advice

    that I can give you besides that. Before someone else can love you,

    you have to be able to love yourself. Try just smiling at a cute guy when they

    walk by and see what their reaction is. Or if you're brave you could even say hi.

    There's nothing 'weird' or 'wrong' with just being polite. And at the same time

    he'll be able to brag to himself that some cute girl said hi to him!