Girls, how would you react if u saw this?

So im a 19 year old male crossdresser (not gay though, more asexual), and im going to be dressing as a sexy kitten for Halloween (yes my profile pic is the costume i will be wearing ). My best friend girl (we aren't bf/gf, but we are really close like brother/sister) is gonna help me with the costume, and she said i should go out to an awesome Halloween party. She wants to show me to some of her girl friends who will be attending the party and says it would be cute for me to show off my costume. I want to do this, but im a bit self conscious, I've never been out in public dressed up as a girl and i dont know what others might think of me. So girls, how would u react to seeing a guy dressed up in a sexy kitten costume for Halloween?


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  • I'd probably say, "Pretty cool" because you're doing what you want.

  • haha... I love my idea :) Dude, it's Halloween. You can dress up as what you want and there will be no misunderstandings :)


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