How can I dress classy? (High School)?

Hey there! I'm currently in the third year of middle school and I'm kinda getting bored of my casual outfits. i want something a little more original or classy..
Can you give me some advice? Maybe giving me some pictures as examples, i would really appreciate that!
Thank you :)


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  • Skinny dark jeans, skinny/fitted (or normal) khaki pants/grey pants/black pants with a nice shirt, button-up shirt and a nice belt. Pants are at the waist, not sagging but not high. If that doesn't work out, wear things that compliment your body type the best.

  • navy close knitter jumber, round neck, with leather patches at the elbows look really GOOD on guys with shoulders (ie real shoulders). Put this together with beige trousers and leather shoes :)


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