Tips for fashionable look?

I have a casual style and I usually wear black colours not sure if it's because of my personality or its just that I was fat for years.
Question is do u know a YouTuber or a website that can help, actually I don't wanna go crazy on wearing weird things I just wanna understand how things fit each other


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  • Go to a store in the mall try stuff on and see how they fit , im a lady im hour glass shape , for awhile i would wear stuff that was unflattering for my shape , but then i went to a store and asked a sales lady to help me find stuff to fit my shape...

    • I will do this, thank u

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  • Wear some decent straight or slim fit dark jeans, a belt, a collared shirt/polo or a nice solid color T-shirt, and something other than running shoes and you'll probably be dressed better than 90% of the guys you age (at least if you are in college like me)


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  • Black top with a jean jacket (although not jean material), skinny khakis or skinny jeans, and some stylish boots! Its super simple and cute too. If you're not into it just ask for more suggestions and i'm more than happy to help

    • This sounds simple, thank u. I want to know what do u think of Adidas / Nike snickers (not the ones of basketball) with jeans?

    • Well a fashionable kind of casual would be nicer, while something like this is more of a lazy casual. They're all right for something like the gym. But if you like sportswear, I totally recommend lulu lemon!

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