Do girls with short hair have a "type" that they are more attracted to?

I absolutely adore girls with short hair (one pixie cut will get my attention in a room full of people). I've also noticed that a majority of these girls are either introverts or artistically inclined, both of which I am also attracted to.

My question is, do these type of girls have a specific guy that they look for, whether that be personality or body-type? I'm not trying to change to be that guy, but I'm interested in knowing if my personality/looks stand out to them.

Also, to you introverts out there... how do I meet you? I can't seem to find that elusive "shy girl" in public places, and have no way of knowing where to find you, let alone know how to form a friendship/relationship with you...


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  • I do have short hair, and I am an introvert. That's so weird that you were right, haha
    That being said, I have a couple of friends who currently have/have had pixie cuts, and they're far from introverted.
    I haven't really noticed that we have a particular type in common... Haven't really thought about it much though!
    As for meeting introverts... Well first off, there's a big difference between introverted and shy. I've read books on the subject, and as I said, I myself am an introvert, and I'll tell you, introverts hate small talk. It legitimately makes us uncomfortable. Conversation with some meaning is important. Doesn't have to be deep, personal stuff, but we like to learn something in our conversations. So try to avoid talking about the weather unless you're gonna go into detail :P
    Introverts are everywhere. We're usually the ones trying to go unnoticed, simply because we're not interested in having many people around us. This is gonna sound like such a cliche, but I know a lot of introverts who love browsing bookstores. They're quiet, and calm, and you don't have to be social or talk to a ton of people (which is exhausting for an introvert). Strike up conversation about a book they're looking at, or if you're not in a bookstore, about the kind of coffee they're drinking. Pretty much as you would with any other girl. Point is to avoid small talk, like I said. Small talk is just exhausting, haha
    That was a mess of information, and I'm on my phone so I haven't read it back, so please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. I hope it makes sense, and if it doesn't, let me know and I'll be happy to clarify, haha

    • "We're usually the ones trying to go unnoticed" Haha yeah, that's the thing I notice the most about y'all :P The only book shop in town is dominated by 50+ year old women, so I'm not too sure if that's the best place to find my type...

    • Oh, and nice haircut ;)

    • Aha, okay well that's unfortunate, haha
      Ummm, I don't know where else. I'm trying to think of where I spend a lot of time... Like I said, we're kind of everywhere. And at least half the time we're faking extroversion, so it can be tricky to tell. Might as well just go for a girl that you're initially interested in, I suppose.
      (and thank you haha)

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  • everyone has a specific type having a short hair would dictate any differently you can't predict human behavior like this kind


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  • I have had a short A cut and my hair recently was down to my waist, until I just cut it the other day to donate it. I think a lot of people go back and forth between hairstyles and I don't think people with the same hairstyle necessarily have the same types.

    I'm an introvert and where can you meet us? Sometimes I will go to the library or out to a cafe alone, maybe I'll go walk around a mall by myself. The best advice is to just find someone who is alone and the best way to form a friendship is to just come up to us genuinely. I'm a bit shy but I wouldn't mind someone coming up to make conversation, I actually encourage it! It's also hard for me to find people to talk to haha.

    • I'm always afraid to go up to anyone in the library, it seems like the "i want to be alone" place to be.

    • I think it depends on the situation. If I was studying or something then yeah, I want to be alone. But if I was just reading or browsing through books then I wouldn't mind someone coming up to me. I think it just depends on the person, so you'll just have to try it out and see what happens.

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  • Do they have a type they're more attracted to? Yeah, girls.

    Ha jk.

  • Tall and handsome. Alpha male. Regardless anything.


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