Just wondering girls , what rated girl do you think would match my looks?

Sometimes you see a hot couple , and you think they look so well together, he is good looking guy and she is very pretty. He is about a 9 and she is nearly 10. So what do you girl and yes guys if you want to comment you can


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  • What about personality? I see a lot of people who have a too ugly or too cute boy or girlfriend, but that person has a nice personality then. Focus on personality and attitude, not on looks.

    • I do have a good personality but no one gives one

    • Well, your looks are pretty good, so there has to be something in the personality or attitude

    • I an shy , I don't talk to girl when I want to and I struggle to talk I get all nervous

  • You are so obsessed with your looks its crazy

    • I know I think I am so Fking ugly I am sorry but this what billing dose to you and not having a gf. Sorry xx

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    • I dont see any problem with you aka I would probably date you

    • Thanks, I would get confident if girl payed more notice to me , I would buzz off it

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