Want a sleeve tattoo, but not sure if I can handle the pain?

I reaaally want this sleeve tattoo, but I'm not sure I could handle it. I have one tattoo on the back of my calf which took an hour and I'd say it really hurt, but it wasn't enough to make me want to stop. My main concern is that my body might not be able to take the inner bicep/armpit area pain since I am only 100 pounds and have super skinny arms. Does anyone have any experience or advice?

here's a picture of a similar tattoo to the one i'd be getting
(No comments about how I shouldn't get it please)


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  • Eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water before you go in. Its gonna hurt. But you kinda just have to man up unfortunately.


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  • I have 3/4 of my back done and there were parts where I wanted to cry, but I grinned and bared it.

    Mine was finished in 4 sessions of 3-5 hours (about 15 hours all up) but obviously there is more space, and detail, for mine.

    Basically, if you break it up into 2-3 sessions it will be easier to sit through. I imagine arm will be less painful than your calf in general (but for a few tender spots) and I think you'll do fine :)

    I like the design, btw.


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