From my profile picture.. Anybody can answer this!?

1) What kind of person do you think I am?
2) Do I look familiar. If so, who or why!
3) Best feature? If you're a girl. you don't have to answer this one.

I'm just curious because sometimes when I walk next to a stranger, they smile. I'd sometimes pass them and then they'd stop me and tell me they need help to reach something, and I'd try to help them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) You look like a nice person, friendly, and one of those you wanna meet.
    2) You don't look familiar to me.
    3) You are really cute, so I would say your eyes are your best feature, blue and expressive, but I also like your lips and your hair; I really like your hair.

    • Well I'm glad I look nice and friendly, because those 2 things are definitely true! I love meeting people. I used to hate meeting strangers because I was a shy kid. I wish I had brown eyes though! and my hair is so bipolar. It turns dark in the fall time, and light in the summer.

    • Those are great attributes.
      I guess we all want what we don't have, but you have a pretty eye's color, it goes great with your face, skin tone and hair color.
      When I said I like your hair, I didn't meant the color, which I do, but I meant that it looks so soft and silky.

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. A messy person. Why? Because you said 'based on the profile pic', and you didn`t make your bed.

    2. No. Because you don`t look like anybody in my family or anybody I know.

    3. Your eye "color".

    • LOL. I'm not a messy person.. I promise.. It was night time, and I was about to go back to bed. If my room is messy. I'll really flip. I hate spiders, and when I see one. I destroy my room, and clean everything all up.. I had a very bad past with spiders. Hahah.

    • Psychology: someone who gives too many details is lying.

    • Sounds more like armchair psychology ;)

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What Guys Said 9

  • You are attractive. You look friendly. I noticed your eyes first

  • 1) Well I don't know because you are a stranger. I would only have an impression of someone if I met them personally or see a couple of pictures. So I don't know what kind of a person you are.

    2) You look familiar but I know you're not the one who I think it is.

    3) Hair and eyes.

    • For number 1. I ment like.. Do I look quiet, or mean or something? Hahah.
      But it's okay. I know what you mean.

    • Oh, well from basing from the picture alone. You look like a timid person because of the angle and the facial expression.

  • 1. Can't draw many conclusions from one picture

    2. No

    3. I like your hair

    • I don't know how to post more pictures on here. Hahahah.

    • I wasn't asking, I was just saying I wouldn't want to draw many conclusions based on just a picture, that's all.

  • 1) you look like a cool person
    2) Yes, one of my friends named Lorissa because of your haircut
    3) your smile... so smile :)

    • Thanks! :) .
      I never got a haircut though.

    • i ment hairstyle :)

    • Ooooooooh! Gotcha! :)
      Well her hair probably ain't so bipolar like mine. It turns dark in the fall and winter, and light in the summer time. Also if I keep it naturally wavy, it's dark.. but if I straighten it. It's sometimes light.

  • you look exactly like the kind of person who would help out a relative stranger, which is a good thing.

  • How are we supposed to know what kind of person you are from a picture of your face? That seriously makes no sense.

    • Example.. Do I look nice? Do I look caring? Do I look quiet?
      I don't know why that doesn't make sense to you.

  • They are doing that because they think you are attractive

  • 1. I think you are that popular girl
    2. No you don't
    3. Best feature

  • u look annoying as hell

    • Oh cool. LOL.
      I'm not annoying. I'm a quiet person.

    • Uh, everything about this question, ur age, ur picture screams annoying teenage girl.

    • Stereotypes.. Okay..
      Let's judge my mind being curious. Good to know.

What Girls Said 4

  • Lol the fuck you're talking about?
    Looking for validation? Here is some attention for you.

    • LMFAO. No. Hey. If you had a problem. You didn't have to answer this.. It's not that hard.
      I'm just curious. What's attention? There is a difference about being curious and wanting attention.
      People like you.. I swear..
      When I'm curious. I question things.
      When I want attention. I try to be like "Am I attractive? Oh. I know I'm better then all of you."
      Please understand me. LOL. If you ever do.

  • Well, you seem like a friendly person. Beautiful as well. I know I'm a girl, but I love your eyes, and those eyelashes are like, wow!

  • Well you look... nice?
    I don't know why people do that, maybe you are stronger than you look?

    • Okay. at least I look nice.. Hahah.
      I honestly don't know either. I'm weak in my arms.

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    • Right! Drugs.. Gosh no.
      I lost a grandpa from lung cancer from smoking. So I know I'll never smoke in my life.
      Yes I've drank before but not to where I'll get drunk and pass out.
      I'm German and sometimes for Christmas and Thanksgiving. My family and I will do a little cheer and have some wine. The drinking limit in Germany is 16. But since we're in America.. I don't drink. Just on holidays.

    • OH MY GAWD!!! Me 2!!! My great grampa!!! i never got to meat him.

  • 1 green eye 1 blue eye
    Knowledgable yet innocent bystander


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