21st bday is in 16 days and I don't know what to wear!!?

Okay so I have some really cute grey leggings and some cute white boots. I have a pink dress and purple and white dress and a all white dress. All of them look good with the leggings and boots but I'm still torn. I'm not sure how to upload pics...


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  • Pink and grey are cuter together to me than purple and grey. I think you should go with the pink dress. The white one would be too much white I think. (:


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  • Well what are your plans for the night, without any other information I say wear something sexy that shows cleavage so you can get possible free drinks fro men

    • Lol I'm just gonna go to a couple bars. One near me has 25 cent shots when its your birthday. I'm not into showing my clevage haha.

    • well show a little bit and you'll get drinks im not talking flashing them. Im talking outline of your breasts if you show that you will get guys to buy you drinks

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