How can I spice things up with my girlfriend (she's getting bored)

my girlfriend and I have been going out for a year and a few months. she is bored and wants to do new things. She wants to have fun with me and I need to make her happy again. we do the same things over and over again. what's a good relationship spice up ? plz everyone I need some good advice . some FUN stuff. that you girls would like if your boyfriend did with u


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  • honestly you were a little vague if you mean with being sexual there are many things you can do.

    take her back to the place you met.

    honestly the little things matter

    i don't have any fun ideas that aren't sexual that's probably sad.

    if you mean sexually

    try role playing if you haven't already

    new postions

    or new places

    add a bit of excitement by doing things you shouldnt in places you shouldnt.

    you go buy her lingerie there for you love it and she's surprised.

    i really can't help you much because I have very little info


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