How pale am I do you think?

Am to pale, or not that pale?
I get called 'pale' and i wonder if i am very pale not pale or light in your opinions

thanks :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Opinions on how pale or not pale you are will be biased based on the relative pigmentation of the opinion giver, and what is most common in their general area. You look like you have some Northern European in there somewhere, so you are going to be coming across as fairly pale to a lot of people. You are less pale than I am though, so to me you don't look pale at all :)

    • What country is Northern europe? I am italitan :)

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    • Lots of Lombard influence in the north of Italy, and around Salerno, Capua and Benevento especially.

    • Thank you stupid me haha

Most Helpful Girl

  • I dont think you are pale. not like Edward pale anyway. you look normal... nothing to worry about in my opinion... and you are pretty...


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