Homecoming spirit week outfit ideas help please?

for spirit week everyone at my school gets super into it and all the classes compete and there prizes and its really fun but i have no idea what to wear for these spirit days haha any ideas are helpful! the days are
monday-sports day
tuesday-color wars (pink this year)
wedensdays- music (my grade is hip hop)
thursday= no school
friday-white out
these spirit days kinda suck haha so any ideas are helpful and im a junior so my class is super competitive


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  • Monday i would wear a Jersey of the most popular sport (ours was soccer so i always wore the whole soccer get up with the ball and shin guards) and i painted my face the school colors half maroon half white!! Everybody loved it cause no one ever went all out that way.
    Tuesday i would wear all pink and get a temporary hair dye/wash out and put high lights in my hair or find the craziest pink wig and wear it, or if you want to go crazy paint your hands and face pink along with your nails, and wrap your neck with pink banners or ribbon.
    Wednesday wear the biggest bling you can get your hands on with an outrageous hat tipped off to the side, and if allowed find some decent baggy pants.
    Friday im guessing you have to wear white? Not sure but if so i would pull out some old clothes that you don't care if it gets ruined or not and pour a bucket of white on them, or to get really creative and to be kinda funny, dress up as a mime with the paint and hat, and play mime all day, hehe that would be fun to mess with the teachers!!
    Just a few ideas, they probably sound crazy or just out there but the more you go out on it the funner it will be!! I used to go all out like all the above and the reactions were priceless!!! Just have fun with it. I hope these ideas help


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