What to wear to a high school bonfire?

I am a sophmore in high school (10th grade) and a friend of my friends who's in my classes invited me and our friends to his house for a bonfire. It's suppose to be in the 60s. I want to look good and attractive but not slutty or too fact. Like I want guys to want to cuddle up with me and stuff.
It's not suppose to a 60s theme... It's suppose to be 60 degrees (feirenhight) out...😂


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  • guys won't care if your dressed to the 60s theme or not, just wear what you like/ think looks good on you and give the middle finger to all the conforming 60s dress people lol

  • From a teen pov i'd notice you if you had on booty shorts but to be modest wear a long shirt over it.


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