How can I be the same weight yet can't wear the same clothes?

I am 5'8" and I am around 120lb-125lbs. I am 20 years old and I am basically the same weight as I have been throughout high school, yet I can't wear the same clothes that I did in school. Why is this? It is mainly my pants that can't fit anymore, but my shirts from grade 8 still fit me. I don't understand why this is. How can I not fit the same pants anymore when I am the same weight?


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  • inches and lbs are different measures of weight. Your weight in lbs measures your total body mass consisting of your bones, organs, blood, muscles, tendons, water, fluids, and lastly fat...and these things can all fluctuate in your body as they are your overall weight in lbs may be consistent and varied a little...but the inches on your waist can expand in certain areas depending on water weight fluctuating, gas, building muscle...etc

    the weight just adds up how much mass you contain...but inches can vary all parts of the body

    also, during your period...girls tend to look more fatter and thicker becuse their uterus builds up with tissue blood and nutrients in order to prepare for a potential pregnancy, (and of course when not concieving, those tissues break down and blood is expelled from the vagina during the time of the month) and you also bloat since water is retained, but once the 5 day cycle is over, you should go back to normal...

    • Oh and I forgot to answer the last part of your question...regarding the pants...a girls body changes overtime drastically, and the older you grown in youthful puberty, your body becomes birth bearing..meaning your pelvis and uterus has grown larger according to your genes in order to stabilize your body and make it well balanced so you can carry a baby efficiently. Think about it, if you were the jean size back in 8th grade, thin waist, you would tip over and fall trying to carry

    • A baby...a girls waist needs to be larger to match her age and she can carry a baby for 9 months properly...youre supposed to have larger hips and wider bone...

      sorry for too much majoring in nutrition and health

    • Thanks, you obvioulsy know your stuff. :)

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  • As years go by clothing sizes change. I know I've been wearing the same sized jeans for a few years and haven't gained enough weight to change sizes, and the jeans from a few years ago still fit, but new jeans are a size to 2 sizes bigger. For some strange reason sizes tend to get smaller. It's not you, it's the jeans manufacturers.

    With the new fad of 000 sizes in designer jeans, those of us who can't afford the expensive jeans, the manufacturers of cheaper jeans are trying to keep up to the trend.

    Don't be too hard on yourself about it, because it is the jeans manufacturers.

  • Your weight may have redistributed, or maybe your clothes have just gotten smaller.

    • Yeah, that is possible.

    • Do you think maybe your hips have gotten wider since then? That is, I think, the most likely explanation.

    • Yeah, getting more womanly. lol. Even though I didn't grow "up there." lol.

  • Sometimes I think the clothing manufactures have gotten it all wrong...