I want to get my Helix pierced - How bad does it hurt?

So I recently bought a fake piercing and it looks really good so I'm thinking of getting it pierced for real at a tattoo pallor. They aren't allowed at my school so I'll have to hide it with my hair or wear a plaster over the top. How badly does it hurt. More than getting the lobe done? Also care instructions and stuff would help too. Thanks..


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  • Cartilage piercings (including the helix) are a pain to take care of. As far as the pain, personally for me it wasn't too bad. It was a hot sharp feeling. My helix piercing bled a lot, running down my neck and everything. But the initial piercing pain isn't what you should be concerned about. It's the sensitivity the comes with having them. Even after they have healed, they get sore from time to time. Sleeping on them can be a pain as well. and get used to getting them snagged when brushing your hair or getting your hair done at a salon. I've had my helix piercings for almost 7 years and they still give me issues and everyone I've talked to with helix piercings says the same. But, if you do want to go through with it, DO NOT go to a mall piercing booth or anywhere that uses piercing guns. That's the worst thing you could do. You could risk shattering your cartilage and cause even more issues and pain than what already comes with having cartilage piercings. As far as care instructions, use warm non iodized sea salt to clean the piercing at least 3 times a day. Or you could get H2Ocean (my personally preference) and just spray it on the front and back of the piercing 3 times a day. Just make sure your hands are clean before cleaning the piercing. Try not to move the jewelry too much either. Use the sea salt to gently clean off any crusties that you'll get. Be careful not to get any of the crusties in the piercing or else it will hurt. A lot. But that's about all, really.


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  • It depends on the person. I have friends who said it hurt like hell (afterwards for a couple of weeks) and ones that couldn't even tell they had received a piercing.

  • What is a helix?


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