I need hair help. lol

I have really thin hair. Not like bald spots, but like..after I shower it's really soft and just lays flat. Is there anything I can use to help make it a little stiffer? I'm not talking about hair spray either. I wanna be able to do a little something with the top of my hair..more specifically my bangs..but I don't want to have to load it down with hair spray in order to do it. Anything that I can use or that would help?


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  • Start by using products (shampoo and conditioners) with out SLS, it is a strong detergent in a lot of shampoos if can causing your hair to dry out because it strips the hair of natural oils. . I like the products from Sensible Addictions they have salon quality products and great fragrances (for women and men). In your case they have a Hemp Shampoo that may be right . Also I would consider using a leave in conditioner to start then swith to a regular conditioner. You can find Sensible Addictions on the web sensibleaddictions. Try their stuff I think you will like them.

    Maybe Sensible Addictions they will give you samples to try


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  • it might be that your diet is missing vitamins like vitamin B, C, Selenium, Silica. I heard that taking Silica helps strengthen the hair follicles and make them thicker. yep. or try a styling product from a natural health food store with that mineral in it. it's natural and doens't have any harmful chemicals

  • volumizing shampoo: the best I've used is Nioxin, system 1; really makes a difference and your hair feels great afterwards

    gels: Thicker Fuller Hair gel (made from herbal stuff; INSTANT volume and your hair does not feel sticky at all; leaves it very smooth and really, your hair will feel thick in a minute); you can get it on amazon or ebay

    FX Root Lifter: lifts your hair from the roots; also, instant results, great gel

    Try biotin pills. They're cheap and good for your hair.

    I've also been taking Ultra Hair Plus pills. They've got biotin in them I think, but the pills are quite big. however, it contains all the essential nutrients you need for healthy hair. not sure if it adds fullness, but my hair has been growing really fast since I've started taking them

    anyway, having thin hair sucks. I feel your bad, but at least you're not a girl with thin hair. good luck, dude! hair is only a small part of you though so I wouldn't worry about it so much.


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  • Some things you can do prior to styling that would help give you more to work with:

    1. Use a volumizing shampoo. This will make sure that what hair you have to work with will stand up more.

    2. Use Almond, Olive, or Coconut oil in a warm treatment the night prior to shampoo. Apply with cotton wool and leave in overnight. Then shampoo in the morning.

    3. Increasing proteins in your diet will add nutrients your hair needs to grow, also adding a Vitamin A supplment into your diet helps too.

    4. Give your hair a steam bath. This helps circulation of blood on your scalp, which assists with hair growth.

    As far as additives go, finding a super strength pomade or gel might be the ticket.