I'm a st8 that has been bleaching my hair for years and thinking about something new. However my hair is thinning (slightly) in front?

I am a dirty dishwater blond (got red, brown and blonde) in my hair naturally. I'm st8, but deep down I always hated my natural hair color. I started bleaching it in high school almost 15 years ago and have been bleaching on and off since. In the past 5 years my hair has been thinning slightly in the front. I'm doing things to stop this (rogaine, propecia, multivitamins) and it's slowed down the damage... but my hair isn't growing back. The thing is when my hair is bleached/dry it makes the thinning spot much less noticeable. I have been thinking of shaving my head to look more masculine but if I do this my thinning spot will look very noticeable in a few weeks.

Need some advice, I can send pics.
also I unfortunately do not have a very good skull.


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  • I would stop doing this to your hair. If you don't like your hair the way it is, try cutting it in layers so it hides the thinning, stop dying it too. Guys with that colored hair look WAY better, trust me. :)

    • the thinning spot is much more noticeable when my hair is it's natural color. I really have a lot more important things to worry about in life... but I just got out of a serious relationship. Having a full head of hair is important for my self confidence when meeting other women.

    • Well dying it will make it even more thin. Get some good conditioner and wait for your hair to get fuller.

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  • Well as you said, rogaine and the like slow / stop the thinning, and help thin hairs to get thicker. Sadly they won't cause the hair to grow back in the frontal area. Sometimes they're successful with regrowth the "crown" area but that's not 100%. The only option for frontal / temporal hair loss is hair transplant.

    That being said, if you can pull off the shaved look, go for it! Mine's thinning in the front and the crown, but as long as I keep it short, it looks fine. Although I admit the one thing I have an ego about myself with is my hair. So I intend on a transplant. :) If you're worried about losing your hair, stay on your medicine and check into transplants. If you've caught it early enough, it won't be terribly expensive.

    • the hair bleach thing I'm doing works... but it looks a bit childish and some people are questioning my orientation. The thing is a lot of people don't know I'm doing it to hide the thinning (it helps).

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