So im looking to buy some underwear for my girlfriend what do you recommend?

Im buying some sexy lingerie for my girlfreind (yes i have done before) and im just wondering if people had any nice ones that they had seen online and looked good cause im a bit stuck this time - its for a special occasion


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  • Fredricks is very nice, If you feel like spending the money victoria secret are the most comfortable in my opinion, well worth the price! :)


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  • maybe go to like Fredericks i don't know if you have them out there but you can get her a corset and they typically come with underwear but they have really nice corsets and thigh highs.. hope that may help

  • aww thats nice of you. if you know her sizes you can always buy online and have them shipped to you as a surprise. =)

    • yeah i know her sizes :) looking for where is good - or any youve seen that would be good?

    • ya have you look into Yandy? they have super sexy and cute stuff, some of the stuff can be a bit over priced. umm Adore Me is nice. Google these you might like what they have.

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