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Hi guys! So one morning I woke up and had really good hair, and took my current profile picture that morning. I got it because I put some axe styling putty in the day before and I never washed it out. My hair just went like that and it was weird. When I put the axe styling putty in, my hair hardens up and has a completely different consistency than in my pro pic. I REALLY want to replicate that style that I have in my pro pic, and would appreciate some help because Im kind of a noob to hair styling haha. what types of products do I need and stuff like that. Thanks all:)


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  • when you applied it the first time did you apply it to damp, wet or dry hair? and did you do it the same way the next time? did you put more product in the second time or work it through less?

    maybe try rubbing it in between your hands a bit first to warm up the product and work it through a bit longer. having the product all over your hands will likely more evenly distribute it so it may not apply so much product to one spot and leave it crunchy. also the warmth from your hands and the friction will likely make the product more manageable.


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  • i would try using small amounts combing through maybe a little hair spray and blow dry for a more dry look and if the axe gets too thick try to moisten your hair all you have to do is wet your hands and run fingers through your hair but dont soak ur head or you'll have to start over again. I play with a lot of product myself sometimes u just get bored figure out what your hair will and won't do

    • Do you have any other products in mind that would work better than the axe stuff?

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  • Do you want to replicate the whole hair style again? But without it being all hard and soft instead? What? Sorry i'm lost ☹


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  • You put it in and run through it with your fingers until it feels like regular hair. I use the same stuff.

    • By the way; a little axe goes a long way. No need for a lot of other products and stuff.

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