Stretch marks

If you saw someone walking around in the bikini or swim trunks because guys get them too don't lie.

Would you find that person disgusting for not hiding them.

Whether there from giving birth, gaining weight too fast, or growing.

Would you make a big fuss about it and point it to your friends.



My friend is self conscious.

And wonder what I should tell him/her


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  • no, because the majority of people have them somewhere. I have some, they're nearly invisible now, but I know what it's like to have ones that look red and irritated so I wouldn't fuss about it at all. especially if their on your boobs, thighs, or hips or lower stomach from pregnancy because it's so natural to get them there. and if they're on your arms or calves, then what are are you gonna do about it? wear full-length scuba gear to the beach or just avoid the beach all together? no, that's absurd.

    • Well the girl just had a baby in the end of january, lost the weight but has light

      Pink ones and the ones on her stomach are the main concern.

      And the guy I guess I s gonna get over it.

      Its just there's no cute swim suits and she just has last years bikinis.

      Should she wear a shirt.

      she won't listen to me so I fugure a strangers opioin would be better.

    • Well stretch marks fade, they won't stay pink, they'll turn white. I don't think she's going to get stares or points because she's got some marks that are clearly due to pregnancy. if she's in shape, then it shouldn't matter.

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  • Most people get stretch marks so don't worry about it. No one is going to stare or make fun and if they do they must be pretty immature and pathetic. I heard there isn't much you can really do about them once they are there... I only have a few around my hips from when I had a growth spurt at 13 but they are barely noticable at all now so they fade over time. Just take good care of yourself and you will look fine.

  • no doesn't bother me at all. stretch marks are pretty much unavoidable for almost everyone. I won't care either if people with rings of fat resembling the mascot from michelin tyres wear the skimpiest outfits.

  • I would certainly not. Why on earth would someone point and stare? That's disgustingly immature and heartless.